Thursday, September 29, 2011

Market Failure Mechanisms Policies and Free Trade

Complete is the empirical evidence for the failure of political policies and market mechanisms are increasingly open international trade in the last ten years. To anticipate the return of the same events recur, the Government advised immediately implement a controlled market economy policy, taking into account the domestic economic interests and national security.

Symptoms of irregularities over the inability of market mechanisms over a perfect beginning to be felt as a wave of international business cycles, irregular writhing, among others, with increased volatility of oil prices above 100 U.S. dollars. Then the weirdness also recorded with rising international commodity prices like palm oil, minerals and agricultural goods, the demand by the actors on an international scale farmers money. They are all chasing the non-monetary commodities, because of the weakening U.S. dollar value of the currency is revered as a "benchmark" in the pattern of international exchange of goods and services. With the depreciation of the currency of U.S. dollars, international trade activities then lead to the poaching of merchandise, which are categorized as non-commodity meneter the "liquid" - replacing the role of currency is U.S. dollars. This incident has taken place so quickly, because it is assisted by the easiness of commodity futures markets and international efforts to mobilize funds for speculative purposes. Stock the coffers of international private funds is partly also spent on the products stocks and bonds in emerging markets.

Well, the story keudian be funny because by the temporary government policy makers, economic experts and proponents of free international trade in the homeland, the Indonesian capital market boom that occurred since the beginning of 2007 until early 2008, they regard as the main attraction of the existence of the power of the national economy of Indonesia. Though the disciples after sarjanapun (as in MMUI), will understand right that the incident heat influx of capital flows to the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSE), which later changed its name to IDX, caused by lax regulation of the manager of BEI and the interest rate spread is the difference.

Automatic At that point, viewed from the perspective of economic concept of "Bath", Indonesia in the form of monetary reserves of foreign exchange increased many times over. Rupiahpun participate terkatrol which artificially causing the rupiah to strengthen its close to Ro 9200. But after a few months later observed, was an increase in stock market capitalization of BEI is not accompanied by an increase in installed capacity of our domestic production. There followed the so-called "bubble economy" in the capital market. That is, the actual emitenpun aware that an increasing number of common stock index is simply a mirage, that dream in broad daylight. Whenever this hot money that foreign investors were planted in the ground water, can they pull back. In conclusion, traffic money goes into the tub system of the Indonesian economy, has been used for the purpose of making money "capital gains" quickly. And this process is facilitated by the Exchange administrator for not doing its crackdown or a penalty cases where the stock was fried and commendable deeds of the "short selling".

Actually, the durability of the Indonesian economy since the rise in oil prices close to 140 U.S. dollar has begun to slacken. This is evidenced by the inability of governments to maintain oil subsidies. The structure of the state budget rose as though we too are actually saved by the issuance of debenture bonds currency of the Republic. Now if we remove the backup position this hot money from Bank Indonesia monetary balance, then our currency should weaken as oil prices increase it. Coupled with politics broke down over job padded central bank governor yesterday has slowed efforts to anticipate the possibility of flight of hot money from the Indonesian economy.

Exactly on this day we also mourn ... .. ISX closes shop for merchandise manager. Possible closure of shops was conducted on the basis of consideration of the possibility of the exchange rate melorotnya dramatically from large-scale attack the owners of foreign portfolio capital to withdraw their money. Well if this is true will tercorenglah image of the Government for its ability to run what is believed as: the "passage of a pure market mechanism in the homeland".

Learning what we can from all this?

Given the international liquidity of the money will be more stringent, and the world economy entered the crisis of the second half, then each developed and developing countries in the world will defend itself in the interests of their nationals respectively. The proof at the time the Government requested the United States Government assistance G7 to do the same thing, to save over the mobility of international finance as the lifeblood of free trade activity, was not entirely welcomed. Looking ahead, countries will increasingly make the policy of protectionism, while forgetting hibauan WTO body for gradual tariff reduction program. It is not time in a pure theory of International Trade applied in kacah globalization is increasingly fierce and greedy today.

For the Government of Indonesia, maybe this will be the agenda of the Cabinet of President-elect 2009, for the time to begin implementing the management mechanisms of capital markets and financial markets are controlled. All this is intended to allow the interests of shareholders and the domestic economy is not easily torn apart by the act of the owners of capital of the world. Protectionism for our commodity, the following protection for activities involving live hajad Small and Medium Enterprises need to get top priority. While the time we need a little hard to face behavior developed countries (in the agreements at the international level) that harm the domestic economy.

We secure is Money?

Investment in financial products like mutual funds and the stock can reap the storm. After a ride, starting in mid-2011 is an investment in mutual funds experienced a considerable reduction in such case occurred in 2003, 2005 and 2008. The question which then arises is "Well, then there is no safe place to invest dong? Are my funds should not be stored at home alone in a closet or under a pillow? "Saving money at home is equally risky to put money in financial institutions. The risk of being stolen by someone's house, stolen a thief can cause the money we save at home is reduced or lost.

In Indonesia there are still many members of society who can not distinguish between saving money and investing. If saving money at home or in the form of savings in the bank contain the risk, let alone the name investing. One thing to always remember is that none of the risk-free investment of 100 percent. Due to this risk, therefore we have to do an analysis before investing in order to minimize this risk (not eliminate).

How to minimize those risks? Many ways can be done. The first should always be remembered that investment risk is always directly proportional to their investment. That is, the higher the interest rate or expected results, the higher the risk. As for now there are several investment products that can provide a competitive return on investment (not high) but with a risk controlled (managed). However, it is still a lot of investors in Indonesia who are not using common sense to invest in products that promise high yields.

Ever Do not Put Eggs terms in One Basket? Or it can mean if we have a lot of eggs do not put all eggs in one basket. So if the basket falls, the eggs will break all. This proverb can also be used in our investments. Because no single type of investment that is 100 percent safe, then the investment should be made into some investment basket. In the financial world this is known as diversification.

Investment can be done using investment products offered by financial institutions and non-financial products. Using a combination of these products also help reduce the risk. Some non-financial products that can be used to invest is: Property (houses, apartments, shops, kiosks, etc.), motor vehicles, gold / precious metals (gold jewelry and pieces / bars), diamonds and precious jewelry, paintings, items antique, and many other products that can be used.

As for financial products such as banking products such as savings, deposits and SBI, capital market products such as stocks, bonds (bonds), mutual funds, insurance products such as whole life and unit link, foreign exchange (currency), indexes, futures and many investment products are offered both locally and sold outside the country.

Then see the profile of each product. Whether the product is high risk, medium, or small. The risk of the product is then adjusted our risk tolerance. And lastly use a combination of these products to produce a collection of investment product known as portfolio or in the Indonesian language is the portfolio. Where the percentage of each product to be used adapted to the respective investment objectives.

By using these methods are expected to be minimized and the risks of investing our funds will feel more calm, so when the market is down right now, we do not need to panic anymore.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Synergy Expedition and Courier Online Store

Emergence of online stores that grow all over Indonesia to make the expedition became a courier service one of the complementary (complementary) to support online business. Why so? Because, sooner or later than the goods arrive at their own consumers is at stake for online stores.

For example, an online store that sells books. Consumers ordering and paying postage, and online stores to deliver the goods with an estimated up to 2-4 days to the destination address. Apparently, the packages of books to one week. Online store owners need to convey an apology and explain why the goods do not arrive on time.

So even if you pay postage (ongkir) that are urgent (immediate or special), the package may not be able to order immediately. It might, there are technical obstacles that are not unexpected.

Based on the experience of 24-hour bookstore that sells books online. Ve goods do not arrive on time and late only because of his courier officer was sick and could not be replaced by another officer, because the path way is unknown or when the truncated holiday.

Ease back, many expeditions couriers that provide tracking services, via online delivery check by entering the delivery receipt number, even simply by sms. Thus, consumers can easily see the final position of a package where we are. Been delivered or are delivered (process) and in real time.

Choosing Courier Expedition
Indeed, all the expedition courier (shipping) wearing frills express. Although the results do not necessarily express. Even now, travel-travel trips have started to open service delivery.

Ideally, the expedition goods courier is able to sustain and support the online store and if need be integrated into the system database. Thus, consumers can easily see, for example, 1 kg weight of the item, how many dollars for the purpose to an extent.

Remember, every expedition has its advantages and disadvantages. If you intend to open an online store you have to be smart to choose the expedition in order to achieve a profit. If you intend to open a business in the path of the expedition, expedition smart to choose a reliable, online, ontime, and ready to receive service complaints from consumers.

Some Names Expedition in Indonesia

Pos Indonesia
Anugerah Cargo Services
Sentani Ekspress
Cito Express
ALP Expedition
Guna Darma
Lintas Persada
solar Earth
cika Ekspress
ABF Indonesia Express
logistics Indonesia
Antar Nusa Transportindo
Askara Courier Service
Bangun Putra conformable Trans
Sentra Niaga
Baruna Gems
Main blessings
BMS Express
light Express
Aberdeen Cargo Express
Cargo Service
Citra Indah Partner Express (CIPEX)
Citranusa Courier
CLS cargo